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Available if you want to sell your house fast.
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About us

Who are we ?

We are local investors, we buy properties in Montreal, Laval and surrounded area. Contact us to sell your property with 0% commission ( no agent fee ) , you move out after you get your money at notary, we don’t ask you to repair anything, we buy As-is also we give other services such as:

Close fast, you can leave behind any old furnitures, boxes or personal belongings, flexible move out, also we can help you in your moving ( finding your next place as well paying to your moving cost* 10km around Montreal ).

Our Goal

Our goal is not only to make profit on each deal, but it’s also to help the local seller on their unique situation such as :

We are hear to listen, analyze and give a far offer.

Practical Advantage

We bring you peace of mind by offering you a reliable and fast alternative.

Broken house

We buy as it is, have no fear even if your house is in poor condition.

0% commission

We provide a seamless transition with our exclusive offer : We cover your moving expenses and no fees will be deducted from you.


Move out whenever your are ready ,keep your personal belongings and don’t worry about the garbage.


No headaches or waiting times, we analyze your request quickly in order to make you an offer.


Total satisfaction is guaranteed by our professionalism and speed of execution.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to some frequently asked questions below.

Once our offer is accepted we can close the deal next 5-7 days and send all the documents to the notary.

No inspection is needed, we take care of that for you.

Absolutely not, we buy houses and properties As-is.

Yes, you can leave behind your old furnitures and garbages.

We buy houses and properties with 0% commission or fees.

Our transactions will be made at a notary.

Yes, move out whenever you are ready.

Contact us

Any Questions about how to sell your house for cash ? Let`s Consult!

Contact Us

Any Questions? Let's Consult!

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